Yellow-Tinged Trumpet Lily

A yellow-tinged trumpet lily blooms in the Spring Green backyard of Rick and Joni Graves. They stand about 7 feet tall, in a rampant garden of wild flowers. The bulbs for these, and some pink-tinged lilies that always bloom a little later, were a gift many years ago from a friend. Rick learned photography from his father, a World War II Navy photographer, in the 1960s and has been clicking away ever since. Rick made the switch to digital photography years ago but, with a background in old-school film photography, he presents his work with little manipulation of the digital image. Rick and Joni, a bookmaker, own aBoBoBook. Many thanks to Rick for his contributions over the years, and to Rick and Joni for their time and energy distributing Voice! To enjoy more of his and Joni’s work, see abobobook.com, follow aBoBoBook on Instragram and find them on the Fall Art Tour.