Welcome to October

Erik Flesch & Sara Lomasz Flesch

There are some few precious things —
love, justice, kindness, peace, understanding 

And they save our souls
in the infinite waters of
  divine love.

These are the last words of wisdom Vincent Kavaloski, “Parables & Ponderings” columnist since 2017, shared with us before he passed away last month. We are so grateful to Vince and his wife, Jane, for all of their contributions to our nook of the Driftless Area, and to Voice of the River Valley. Please enjoy and take to heart Dr. Kavaloski’s final column.

As fall settles in and cooler temperatures and turning colors distract us from current events, we hope you’ll enjoy all of the voices in this month’s magazine including Doris Green, John Heasley, Jennifer Moore-Kerr, Patrice Peltier, Kathy Steffen and Etienne White, and Marlys Greenhalgh’s art on our cover.

Many thanks to the businesses and organizations whose advertising helps us bring you these inspiring and thought-provoking pages and ideas.

Happy reading,