Welcome to November

House wren, by Debi Morton

The first snow of the season is on the ground at this writing, sprinkled with the golden leaves that did not finish their descent last week when we watched them fall like rain.
To fully savor the experience of place is to observe everything and to glory in the beautiful reality of it all. Our nook of the Driftless Area provides an ever-changing range of experiences, and we’re fortunate that so many talented people have been drawn to this region and are willing to share their observations and voices with us.
In this season of thanksgiving, we’re pleased to share Cecilia Farran’s history of and tribute to her family’s beloved barn starting on p. 5, and Debi Morton’s celebration of the bounty and beauty of our region in “Driftless Terroir” on p. 24.
We continue to be grateful every month for the volunteer contributors who fill these pages with rich features that illuminate life in our region: Doris Green (“Tracking Your Past,” p. 9), John Heasley (“Driftless Dark Skies,” p. 23), Kathy Steffen (“Between the Lines,” p. 6), Patrice Peltier (“Garden Blitz,” p. 21) and Etienne White (“Where the Land Meets the Sky,” p. 22). And we look forward to the semi-monthly contributions of Mary Friedel-Hunt (“Living Well, Dying Well,” p. 8), Vincent Kavaloski (“Parables and Ponderings”), Ainsley Anderson (“Raising Driftless Kids,” p. 10), Marnie Dresser (“Pedagogy Stew”) and Jennifer Moore-Kerr (“Time Capsules”). Thank you, all!

Happy reading,