Welcome to May

Erik Flesch & Sara Lomasz Flesch

Beyond plenty of upcoming events to keep us busy all spring long, there is some powerful wisdom to be found in the pages of this month’s magazine. Thanks to our contributing writers, here’s what we learned:
It’s never too late to process and share critical memories of events in our lives. If the task feels too overwhelming, don’t quit and don’t be deterred by obstacles. Find opportunities in endings that herald new beginnings. Be open to possibility, and find strength and joy in unique collaborations, but don’t be afraid of the reality that life doesn’t last forever. Use that reality to deepen your gratitude and fuel your motivation to live. Discover happiness — and share it — whether you find it in the pages of books, in the oral histories that abound in our nook of the Driftless Area, or in the wild violets whose distinctive heart-shaped leaves emerge from crannied walls. You may measure and plan for change, but don’t fear falling back on spontaneity to deliver your bliss (or blitz). Be inspired by all that’s around you this month — by the people who live, work and play here, by the music that will fill our region, by the opportunities for learning and creativity, and by the dark skies above that will abound in celestial events.

Ninety-five-year-old Bob Butler, shown here with his pal Sparky on his Iowa County farm near Dodgeville, shares the first installment of his memories of World War II in this month’s issue.

We’re certainly inspired by and continually grateful for the time and energy our contributors pour into the content that fills these pages. Having Bobby Butler’s byline and voice in our magazine for the first time is certainly an honor. A few years ago, Tim Wright introduced us to Bobby and his wife, Caroline, who were kind enough to have us over for dinner on their farm near Dodgeville. Tim contributed to Voice a story about a farming adventure the trio shared and described Bobby this way: “He has … a beautiful baritone voice. He speaks slowly with an accent I have never before heard: a very soft southern accent with a hint of Oxford. He smiles often and magnetically.”
We hope you enjoy Bobby’s voice, and all that this month’s magazine offers you.
Happy reading,