Welcome to July

Seekers of the essence of our Driftless Area — and energizing Vitamin D — need look no farther than the Pine River in Richland County. Photo by Mark McCauley, owner of Pine River Valley & Tube.

With the arrival of the sunshine and steam of summer, many of us are getting outdoors more during this pandemic. When we do, we feel the rush of energy and mood lift that accompanies a refueling of Vitamin D.

Another thing we are energized about is that 14 years ago this month, Voice of the River Valley was born thanks to the energy of Mary Friedel-Hunt and her husband, Bill. Eight years ago this summer, Voice became our labor of love. The magazine has been sustained all these years by the moral support of our readers, the financial support of our advertisers and subscribers, and the talents, time and energy of our contributors and volunteer distributors. Happy anniversary to us all!

Erik Flesch & Sara Lomasz Flesch

We’re grateful to everyone who had the heart to go digital with us and have remained loyal readers throughout the springtime all-digital campaign. We’re happy to be printing Voice again, albeit on a scaled-back basis (1,000 compared to 4,000 copies in past Julys), and distributing far and wide once again.

This month’s magazine features the voices of Robbin D’elene, Mary Friedel-Hunt, Doris Green, John Heasley, Patrice Peltier, Peter Schmalz, Kathy Steffen, Grace Vosen and Etienne White, and photography by Amy Chamberlin and Mark McCauley. 

Happy reading, and take good care,