Welcome to December

Something with continuing consequences. A thing that invokes the same uplifting feelings you experienced when you first received it. At the holidays, it is a creative goal we aspire both to select for those we care about and to deserve ourselves. For many organizations, it means the opportunity to carry on for another year. A “gift that keeps on giving” is a catchphrase for a reason.
What about the gift of one’s left kidney? We thank Taryn Seymour for sharing her touching story of living donation (see p. 5). You’ll find additional gifts nestled within this month’s columns by Bazile Booth, Doris Green, John Heasley, Vincent Kavaloski, Jennifer Moore-Kerr, Kathy Steffen and Etienne White. Also in this issue, you’ll discover opportunities to savor the joys of the season, including Folklore Village’s 72nd Annual Festival of Christmas and Midwinter Traditions Dec. 28-Jan. 1 (pictured above).
This year has treated us to so many meaningful stories and beautiful covers featuring area artists and photographers, which you can revisit at www.voiceoftherivervalley.com. We’re grateful to the advertisers who supported the printing of these pages this year, and to the team at ACP in Dodgeville, who do such a great job bringing our pages to life.
Wishing all of our advertisers, contributors, distributors, and you, dear reader, the happiest of holidays — and happy reading.