Welcome to August

Erik Flesch & Sara Lomasz Flesch

August is the time to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of summer for those final gulps of warm extroverted contentment. A lust for the brightness of summer and the possibility of leisure — if only we could take some time off — is not to imply that we are lazy. Hardly. This is a time of doing, of accomplishing, of harvesting hand over fist the fruits and vegetables of what we have diligently sown. While we steam and strain away in the thick of our enterprises, feasting on heirloom tomatoes and grilled sweet corn, some students and instructors (and parents) are already thinking about getting back to school. Many are getting excited about bringing quiet back to homes where happy kids have been running wild like forest creatures.

An enduring picture of summer in our nook of the Driftless Area: Sculptor Nana Schowalter’s “River Dancer” was made to promote the Aug. 4-5 Art on the Pec, a free, self-guided art tour by boat along the Pecatonica River between Blanchardville and Argyle. For more information about Art on the Pec, see the calendar of events beginning on p. 16, www.driftlessanalyticalservices.com and Facebook. For more of Nana’s work, see www.nanaschowalter.com.

Speaking of summer accomplishments, we want you to be among the first to know that we’ve redesigned the Voice of the River Valley website. Check it out at voiceoftherivervalley.com, and let us know what you think. It has a user-friendly calendar of events that be viewed by map, by month, by week or by day — and it is easy to submit your events, too. This new site also allows you to share and promote individual articles on social media and via e-mail.

The recently redesigned print edition of Voice will receive no less attention, and many of us will never outgrow the feel of a print magazine on our hands. However, having a stronger web presence, the lovingly offered words of the voices of our region will have a longer life and reach a caring audience through space and time.

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