Welcome to April

Erik Flesch & Sara Lomasz Flesch

Whether blank verse or rhymed, free verse or metered, poetry is important in the life of people everywhere, and has an integral role to play in our Driftless Area culture. And so again this year, Voice of the River Valley celebrates National Poetry Month by sharing poems and haiku contributed by Voice readers representing 14 communities. 

For sharing their poetic voices, we thank Phil Allen, Jeff Billerbeck, Michael Brandt, Kevin Clougherty, Jerome Cushman, Candace Dreier, Joel Gosse, Mark Kovelan, Barbara J. Maier, Shellie Pike, Judy Robb, Lynne Roberts, Sharon Rowe, Lynda Schaller, Nancy Schmalz, Nick Schweitzer and Tina Williams. And we thank Gary Jones for his review of Catherine Young’s new poetry collection (p. 5), and Doris Green for infusing her “Tracking Your Past” column with poetic flare.

This month’s magazine also features the voices of Ainsley Anderson, Stacey Feiner, Steve Fuller, John Heasley and Destinee K. Udelhoven; art by Judy Robb (pictured above), Sharon Stauffer and Cindy Taylor; and photography by Robert Kratchowill.

We continue to be grateful to all our advertisers and subscribers, and to our volunteer distributors Joni and Rick, Joy, Linda, Mark, Nick and Rountree Gallery volunteers.

Happy reading, 

Sara and Erik Flesch