Wake Up!, by Barbara J. Maier

Wake up! Didn’t you hear the alarm ring? 
It’s time to “wake up and hear the birds sing!” 
Why aren’t you UP yet? What’s the matter? 
You’ve got to wake up and hear the squirrels chatter! 

You really should get up right now. 
So, wake up and hear the cats meow! 
It’s time to get up; there are things to be doing. 
Wake up and smell the coffee brewing! 

Didn’t you even hear the rooster crow?!? 
Remember, there’s a lawn to mow! 
Then, after it’s done, you can go to the lake… 
And when you get back, you can have some cake. 

C’mon, get up…start moving your legs. 
Wake up and smell the bacon and eggs! 
It’s time to get up…need I say more?? 
Sit up and feel your feet on the floor! 

No need to be fast; just set your own pace. 
So, sit up and feel the sun on your face! 
C’mon, you can do it…just get out of bed! 
And NOW, after listening to the things I had said, 
I finally got UP…and out of that bed! 

And with all of those words still fresh in my mind, 
I looked for some paper, the kind that is lined. 
And then, while still in my comfy nightgown, 
I just HAD to start getting this poem written down! 

So, I wrote it all DOWN, then typed it all UP, 
With my words pouring out as if into a cup. 
At last one day it was ready for the Richland County Fair. 
But, of course, I had to get myself up … to get my entry there! 

Barbara J. Maier, Richland Center