Terrain Biennial Public Art Festival Puts Driftless on Map

As a part of the Terrain Biennial Project, artist and curator Mary Bergs of Benton is hosting a public art project in her front yard on Jenkynsville Road. Platteville-area artist Bill Mitchell’s sculptural installation, titled “PENROSE 398,” is constructed from box elder and black locust limbs and will be on view until Nov. 15.

Terrain Biennial, an initiative of Terrain Exhibitions, was founded in 2013 by artist Sabina Ott. The biennial was created on a volunteer basis in the spirit of community building through free and accessible public art installations and events staged in residential neighborhoods across the country and worldwide. 

This act of radical decentralization takes art from privileged urban centers and brings it into everyday spaces where it is most needed and least expected: yards, front steps, windows, porches and roofs. 

The 2021 Terrain Biennial aims to find spaces of joy and community essential for collective healing in these times of isolation, public reckonings and mourning. The theme of this year’s biennial is K.I.T. (keep in touch). Each biennial, artists are paired with a host to produce residential public art installations. For more information, see terrainexhibitions.org.