Spend a Day in the Park For 4PeteSake Fundraiser

What happens when “getting by” means not getting better?
When illness, injury or chronic pain destabilizes the life of an individual or family, financial stress can make recovery an even bigger challenge. Since 2005, generous contributions from area residents and businesses have allowed the Spring Green-based charity 4PeteSake to provide assistance to more than 90 River Valley residents facing economic hardship in the wake of a medical crisis.
Whether taking care of accumulated debt or working with local vendors to provide pressing home or car repair, 4PeteSake has been able to provide some financial stability and peace of mind to these fall 2018/spring 2019 recipients: Arena’s Amy Peterson and Rick Roll; Christine Nabors and Kathryn Quest from Clyde; Mikalah Banker, Bonnie Schouten and Daniel Wilson from Lone Rock; and Suzanne Cody, Linda Huff and Renee Tertin from Spring Green. 
4PeteSake’s annual fundraiser, the Day in the Park, will take place 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Aug. 18 featuring live music, a kids’ area, food and drink, a silent auction and a raffle drawing. 4PeteSake’s next funding cycle is tentatively scheduled for this fall. For more information, see 4petesake.com and ad, p. 20.