River Valley Food Tourism Information Meeting Planned

If you’re involved in commercial food production — from growing it, to processing it, to serving it in a restaurant — you’re invited to an information meeting about a regional food tourism initiative that encompasses businesses within the River Valley School District boundaries. 

Food tourism caters to people seeking authentic and experiential travel through unique and memorable exposures to people, food and environments. One of the goals is to get more people to visit, stay longer, and spend more money either while visiting one of the River Valley’s many attractions or solely for food-related experiences. 

If this sounds familiar, that’s because many people are already involved in food tourism in the River Valley. The goal of the food tourism initiative is to explore ways to provide more connection and support for these efforts. The initiative is guided by a steering committee of producers, restaurant owners and interested citizens, and is supported by a project of River Valley Commons, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the well-being of the River Valley community.

The meeting is at 7-8 p.m. Nov. 9 in the Community Room of the Spring Green Community Library. The library requires everyone to wear a mask inside the building. For more information, contact patpeltier199@gmail.com