Requiem for a Landmark

Prayer flags at Global View, which closed in October. The estate of founder Marion Nelson is in the process of finalizing the property’s sale.
Photo by Kevin Dodds

By Pam Norman

Silent and alone now in the gray of almost winter. Dry leaves rattle before a listless wind that barely stirs tattered prayer flags hanging from old pines. The shuttered building looms stark in the snow. Inside a few treasures, filmed lightly in dust, forgotten like old memories. Haunted by the past, I leave.
As I walk away, I turn to say a final unspoken goodbye and as I do, I see silent black shadows slipping through the brush behind me. They come to a halt, watching me, and remain motionless as I leave.
I will not return again.

Pam Norman of Spring Green was asked as owner of Mew Haven Cat Rescue to undertake removing the long established colony of cats at Global View as part of its closing and prior to its sale. It was a very sad and poignant experience, and while recently looking back at the six to eight weeks she spent out there, she put some of her thoughts/feelings down on paper. For more information about Mew Haven, see www.mewhaven.org or follow them on Facebook.