Pixilated, by Cindy Taylor

In the garden of whimsy 
plant some bee balm 
and laugh when it blooms
in all its spritely detail, 

playful rounded pincushions, 
stuck with silver pinheads, uniform dew drops, 
glistening, surrounded by pale green 
pointy leaves,

the pins grow into wild jesters’ hats 
to entertain the invisible garden queen, 
but the hats really contain antennae, special 
bee radar, jutting out, with teeny tiny 
tufts on the ends

to tickle the bees as they come in for a landing, 
and the bees go crazy with delight 
and spend all day dancing and cavorting,

and the monarch butterflies close by on the 
purple coneflower make love, locked together 
for hours and hours on the same flower,

makes you want to be a monarch 
for an afternoon in the garden of whimsy,

where I planted 
some bee balm, some be-bop, some be-bop-a-lula, 

and……… a Van Gogh sunflower, a Van Gogh ear, 
a Paul Klee “Twittering Machine,” 
pink poodles, and noodles, and colorful marbles, 
and a Monty Python skit and………………..

Cindy Taylor, Mineral Point