Pandemic Independence Day, by Kevin Clougherty

There were no fireworks on the fourth. 
Instead, so many flags at half mast.
But I was lucky, 
and shared a safe-distanced barbecue 
with family and a friend or two. 
I wondered then, if there wouldn’t be
a specific date, 
when we would be liberated, 
a new independence day 
for everyone working from home, 
or worse yet, out of work completely?
If there was, then on that date, I thought, 
there would be fireworks in the night sky!

Things have changed, 
and our independence is coming gradually, 
from vaccinations in age-related stages. 
And there probably won’t be 
an official Pandemic Independence Day,
but I hope there will be
fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Kevin Clougherty, Barneveld