On the Cover: December 2020

This month’s cover art is titled “Fantasy Cabin” by Jeff Jachimiec of Dodgeville. Jeff was born and raised in Chicago. After graduation from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Jeff began printing magazines, catalogs and retail inserts using the gravure printing process. His own print consultant company, Printing Solutions, was launched in 1998. Today Jeff enjoys working with the medium of encaustic. When his artist wife, Sue, was battling breast cancer, and thought she would have to cancel a scheduled show, he jumped in and picked up her brush, so to speak. He taught himself how to paint using her medium. Jeff paints in a charming naive style that captures his heart, innocence and hope. He draws inspiration for his paintings of barns, cottages and wildlife on his travels. To view more of Jeff’s art, see www.jeffjachimiec.com. Many thanks to Jeff for his contribution to our cover! To share art or photography for a future cover, contact us at info@voiceoftherivervalley.com.