Nursing Home Blues, by Mark Kovelan

Who are those lasses wearing rose-colored glasses? 
They see only goodness and light 
They filter out sadness, chaos and madness 
Sleep carefree and peaceful at night 
My lenses are darker, the future looks starker 
No end to the misery out there 
The end-times are coming, there’s no use in running 
We’re doomed to end in despair 
She smiles at the children remembering the times when 
Flirtation was her favorite game 
Those summer romances, the K. of C. dances 
How well she turned up the flame 
My past is now blurry how I wish time would hurry 
Someone help me out of this chair 
My systems are failing, arthritic and ailing 
Friends and family are no longer there 
She sits down beside me and smiles at me gently 
Her thoughts are somewhere elsewhere 
Her hand covers mine, for a moment in time 
That rose-colored vision we share

Mark Kovelan, Spring Green