Katie Burns “Home”

Katie Burns

Mineral Point musician Katie Burns will perform her new album, “Home,” at 7 p.m. Dec. 8 at Brewery Pottery, 276 Shake Rag St. It will be a cozy night with a free full concert, lights and the ambiance of the gallery and friends.

Burns shares a little about the album: “I went to Lincoln, Nebraska, to record ‘Home’ with a new engineer, Zach Lardy. We spent a week in his basement studio recording with cellist Eric Miller. It was a wonderful, stark experience. Because we were so alone, we were able to really focus on keeping the album clear of clutter. The instruments remained simple with guitar, cello, piano and vocals. It mimics the sound of when Eric and I perform. This is my fifth album now. I have learned a lot about the process and I hope it will come through in the songs.

“A major theme in the album is our human struggle. Smaller themes are: leaving home, losing your home, coming home, protecting the innocent, young love, old love, feeling invisible, being forgotten, forgiving ourselves, being faithful, broken hearts, lonesomeness, peace … our connectedness. I tried to focus on the individual. The one child in the refugee boat, the one child in the womb, the one fern in the forest, and the album appeared. For me I have come home to a lot of things in my life that I thought I had lost or could never return to. It feels good to know that we actually don’t grow linear … we grow in a spiral … upward … but continually revisiting what we once knew over and over again … with more strength and clarity. And this makes me happy because we are constantly given the opportunity to love again and again.

“I hope this album can be a gift to you. It is the only reason to keep making them.”