How Can You Not Love This Weather? by Kevin Clougherty

It seems only a few days ago, 
A bulky sweater and my winter coat,
With its liner,
Were barely enough to keep me warm,
As the nearly subzero air
Slowly warmed up inside my car.
The air was recirculating, 
And every window was closed up tight.
And as I looked out those windows,
Covered, as they were, with a thin sheen of freezing drizzle,
I finally had had enough of winter!

Now, the sky is blue, 
The clouds are white in my windshield,
And even my lightweight sweater seems too warm. 
The vent of my long-sealed moon roof is open,
And my fan is blowing in all the allergy-producing air 
That the thawing brown earth has to offer.
My nose is running,
But with every sniffle, I smile,
As my worn radials grip the drying blacktop 
And thrust my car forward
Into Spring.

Kevin Clougherty, Barneveld