History Group Hosts Irish Storytelling

The Arena Historians will host an afternoon of Irish Storytelling with local story artist Cecilia Farran at 1:30 p.m. March 21 at Grandma Mary’s Brisbane Hall, 175 Hwy 14, Arena.

Open to the public and all ages, everyone is invited to sit back and enjoy as Cecilia’s expressive voice delves the old Irish tradition of storytelling that will take listeners to an ancient land of mystery, legend and everlasting beauty. There may be a limerick or two, and such tongue-twisting favs as “The Train Today To Morrow,” and “The Day Delany’s Donkey Ran the Half-Mile Race.” 

Coming from an Irish family of storytellers, Cecilia is no stranger to the music, mind and story of the Irish Celtic traditions. She is a many-times traveler to Ireland, an Irish historian and musician, one-time performance step dancer, and founder of the Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School now celebrating over 30 years.

It’s also been said that she is “one heck of a storyteller.”

As a teaser she offers this: “An Irish farmer sent his sheep dog out to count the sheep. Those dogs are very smart, you know. The dog returns in a jiffy and says to the farmer, ‘You have 40.’ Farmer: ‘How can that be, I only had 39 yesterday.’ Dog: ‘I rounded ’em up.’ Ba da dum. I told you those dogs were smart.”

Come prepared to both laugh, and be greatly moved. The Irish, as they say, celebrate happy wars and sad love songs with plenty of penchant for clever words and story. 

Per Cecilia: “No one it seems can do both sad and happy as well as the Irish. Often at the same time. Their words touch the heart.”

Refreshments and cookies will be served. There is no charge for the event, but a free-will donation to help Cecilia keep the stories coming is appreciated. For more information, call (608) 228-0261 or see the Arena Historians Facebook page.