Come Walk with Me, by Jean Napp

Come walk with me tonight, my child;
We’ll keep the hearth fire burning
And wrap up snug against the cold— 
We won’t be late returning. 

We’ll pass through pine groves dark and still
To reach the treeless prairie,
Where ancient stories ‘bout our heads
Call us to gaze and tarry. 

The twins are hiking side by side.
A long-horned bull is prancing.
Two kids rest sweetly by their doe
Near seven sisters dancing.

Our winter friends will be replaced
By springtime stars, west creeping:
Where lions hunt beside the pond,
Gazelles, alarmed, go leaping.

The slinking water serpent slips
Along the tree tops gliding; 
The crow and goblet on its tail
Haphazardly are riding.

Soon rising in the east so bright
The hook where hangs the lyre
Predicts tall tales of centaurs, whales,
And sea goats told ‘round fires.

Reluctantly towards warmth we’ll turn,
Our rapid steps belying 
Our longing to remain and watch
The eagle and swan flying.

Jean Napp, Fennimore