Call for Memorabilia of The Spring Green

Press Release

SPRING GREEN—Taliesin Preservation invites community members to share their artifacts, memorabilia and stories related to the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, originally known as the Spring Green Restaurant, in honor of the building’s 50th anniversary in 2017.

These items will be displayed as part of an exhibit that will run April through December 2017 on this fascinating building designed by Wright and completed in 1967. Artifacts might include photographs, menus, uniforms, cocktail napkins, swizzle sticks, ashtrays, glassware or other table setting items.

Items may either be loaned and returned to you in January 2018 or donated to Taliesin Preservation in your honor. Memorabilia may be brought to the administrative office at the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center during business hours until March 10. Call (608) 588-7900, Ext. 231, with questions or to share your story.