To place a print advertisement in Voice of the River Valley magazine or to discuss your campaign, contact Sara at Please see rates, submission guidelines and deadlines below.

Monthly Advertising

Each issue and its ads are in circulation for one full month — from about the 28th of one month to about the 28th of the next month. Your ad will run for as many months as you wish with the option of changing your ad for any month. When Voice was founded in 2006, our circulation was 800 copies per month — and today, circulation varies seasonally up to 4,000 copies distributed to more than 180 distribution points in seven counties across southwestern Wisconsin. At many distribution locations such as cafes and restaurants, it is common for people to read Voice of the River Valley and then leave their copies for others to enjoy, which extends the reach of each issue.

COVERS 6 Months 3 Months 1 Month WIDTH HEIGHT
Back Cover $297 $313 $330 7.5 10
Inside Front Cover $297 $313 $330 7.5 10
Inside Back Cover $297 $313 $330 7.5 10
Full Page $297 $313 $330 7.5 10
1/2 Page Horizontal $174 $183 $193 7.5 4.73
1/2 Page Vertical $174 $183 $193 3.68 10
1/4 Page $93 $98 $103 3.68 4.73
1/8 Page $50 $52 $55 3.68 2.43

We assist our advertisers in creating a single ad or designing an ad campaign that gives voice to their event, identity and/or mission. We are happy to discuss your ad with you and to provide design assistance. We are pleased to offer in-house graphic design by Erik Flesch of Driftless Terroir Studio. Your ad includes an hour of complimentary graphic design support. Additional design services are offered at a standard rate of $65 per hour.

If you want to run your Voice of the River Valley ad design in another media outlet, whether social media or another publication, Driftless Terroir Studio is happy to provide camera-ready art in full color resized as needed for a flat one-hour charge of $65. Voice of the River Valley ads are copyright © 2006-2021 by Wording LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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Keep Connected with Voice!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Voice of the River Valley magazine is committed to keeping the communities of the Lower Wisconsin and Sugar-Pecatonica River Basins connected and inspired through nature, culture and events. To keep our readers and volunteer staff safe from viral exposure, we have implemented an All-Digital Distribution Campaign for the springtime months of April, May and June 2020, and until it is safe to distribute print copies again. Simply submit your email address to us here, and you’ll receive FREE access to Voice of the River Valley in a digital format via e-mail each month.