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The Last Unhitching

By Cecilia Farran My father was a farmer whose father was a farmer’s son, and so it had been as far back as the ancestral stories can be remembered; into Europe, into…

Poetry by Voice of the River Valley Readers

Welcome to November

Each season of the year, both residents and visitors alike have bountiful cause to be…

Between the Lines

What better way to honor your passion for writing and creating than making gifts for…

A Veteran’s Journey Home

We lay side-by-side on the grass bank next to the corn field across from our…

Living Well, Dying Well

I started this column focused on the long list of painful, frightening and in so many…

Tracking Your Past

November is Native American Heritage Month, and longtime Wisconsin families may retell stories of their…


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  1. A great read! The strongest poetry edition of The Voice yet! And the articles are spectacular, too!

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